Instagram Pictures and Posters with Final Project Explanation

These are all the photos and posters I used for my final project in Professor Li’s MC 2015 class for the fall semester.

  1. My topic for this assignment was a campaign for The Island Country Club concerning speeding up the pace of play at local golf courses. Pace of play on golf courses can at times be extremely slow, which makes for very golf. It is a problem that irritates me regularly. My designs are supposed to informative, as well as aesthetically pleasing. My designs are supposed to be simple and light to discuss a somewhat boring and aggravating topic.
  2. My target audience is golfers everywhere, especially anyone who plays at The Island Country Club. The main goal I hoped to achieve was to make my design relatable to my target audience. I wanted those people to be able to see pictures and posters that were simple and made sense and maybe even a little comical. Also, my goal as The Island Country Club was to brand myself as a golf course that was looking for a solution to slow play. I wanted people who saw my Instagram account to notice that we are aware of slow play and we’re getting the word out there.
  3. I wanted to highlight simplicity and minimal design distractions. I wanted the Instagram pictures to be simple and easy to understand and wanted the poster to be light and hopefully a little funny. I think I accomplished that by keeping the poster simple and using nice contrast to display my message. My Instagram pictures all have a similar look to them because they’re all on a golf course and I think that helps make it more story like. Some of pictures it is obvious that they were posed for and I think it makes them a little funny and my target audience can connect with that.

Pick Up The Pace Final Project Video

Small Social Media Poster for Final Project

Small Poster FP

Original Social Media Poster for Final Project

Golf Poster FP

Graphic Resume

This is was just a fun way to artistically design my resume. This version is shorter than my full length resume and does not include all my work details. The cool part about this design is that the elements really speak about who I am and what my resume represents.

Social Media Poster


Maranto jacob poster social media

This is a smaller version of my original anti-smoking design. This design was meant to compliment the original on social media.

Original Anti-Smoking Poster

Maranto jacob poster original

This is the father version of an anti-smoking poster I used for a poster project. Smoking is an important issue to me and I feel this piece really comes from my heart. It has a smaller social media counterpart. I envision this as a poster on a wall or on flyers as handouts.

My photo essay

This is a photo essay that follows a day in the life of my little brother Luke and how he interacts with his toys. This is one of the funnest graphic designs I have ever completed and I like to think it shows my creative side. This project was created for a mass communication course at Louisiana State University.

My Resume

This a convenient downloadable version. jacob-maranto-resume

My resume has been used successfully before to gain admission into the Manship School of Mass Communication. It has also been used to apply for various jobs since its inception. The downloadable version is on top.

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